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This schedule is subject to change, and all changes will be reflected below.

Lecture slides and other material are available only to students erolled in this course with a valid NCSU login id and password.


Date Topic Assignment Due
Jan 9 Overview, goals, logistics (pdf) Introduction (pdf)
Jan 16 No class (MLK Holiday)
Jan 23 Diverse routing (pdf)
Discussion of Project 1
Potential research topics (pdf)
Project 1 (files)
Sample literature report (pdf)
Jan 30 Fundamental concepts: design options (pdf)    
Feb 6 Survivability methods and schemes (pdf)    
Feb 13 SONET protection switching (pdf)
Discussion of research topics
Feb 20 Elementary circuits (pdf)
Discussion of Project 2
Network design and optimization (pdf)
Project 2 (files) Project 1
Feb 27 Network design and optimization (cont'd)
RWA in Rings (paper) (pdf)
Discussion of Project 3
Mar 5 No class (spring break)    
Mar 12 CPLEX tutorial
Lecture by Zeyu Liu (pdf)
Mar 19 Data Center N/W Architecture (pdf) (pdf)
Aditya Ambadkar, Diana Chris
SRLG (pdf) (pdf) (pdf)
Ramesh Krishnamurthy, Shireesh Bhat
Project 3 (files) Project 2
Mar 26 Diverse Routing in Mesh Networks (pdf) (pdf) (pdf)
Michael Sakaluk, Aaron Gibson
Multihop Wireless for Disaster Recovery (pdf) (pdf)
Yi Li, Venkatesh Shenoy
Apr 2 Transparent Migration of VMs (pdf) (pdf) (pdf)
Hee Won Lee, Anand Singh
Multilayer Survivability (pdf) (pdf)
Sagar Sane, Mayur Awaghade
Apr 9 Survivable Traffic Grooming (pdf) (pdf)
Piyali Dey, Deepika Chandra
Fault Recovery Strategies in Multilayer Networks (pdf) (pdf)
Georgy Mathew Kallumkal, Tom George
Apr 16 Smart Grid (pdf) (pdf) (pdf)
Konstantinos Christidis, Jianhua Zhang
Data Centers and Cloud Computing (pdf) (pdf) (pdf)
Suneet Sasidharan, Lakshmi Narasimhan Seshan
Apr 23 Data Centers and Cloud Computing (pdf) (pdf) (pdf)
Prathyusha Vadlamudi, Daniel Styles
  Project 3
Apr 26     Literature review report
Apr 30 5pm     Final exam