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Traffic Grooming BookTraffic Grooming for Optical Networks: Foundations, Techniques and Frontiers

Srpinger, 2008

Rudra Dutta, Ahmed E. Kamal, George N. Rouskas, Editors










Traffic Grooming for Optical Networks: Foundations, Techniques and Frontiers covers the principles, technology, practice, and future of traffic grooming in optical networks.

Traffic grooming is the name given to a family of optical network design and resource allocation algorithms that can enable cost-efficient use of both network bandwidth and electronic switching. The huge bandwidth of fiber optical networking is much larger than the typical bandwidth demands experienced by network service providers. This mismatch creates a need for multiplexing the low rate traffic demands into optical wavelength channels, but this requires costly electronic switching equipment, potentially offsetting the benefit of cheap optical transport. Due to the increasing bandwidth of optical communication on the one hand, and the growing variety of traffic demand magnitudes on the other, traffic grooming has grown from a narrow research area to a mainstream requirement for real world practitioners.

This book presents the practical motivation, theoretical description, and extant techniques for traffic grooming in optical networks. It begins by providing appropriate background information and then follows up with an in-depth study of a few key issues and challenges. At the same time it brings together a broad range of perspectives from preeminentresearchers in both academia and industry.

Part I, entitled "Foundations," presents enabling technology and standards and also gives a formal introduction to traffic grooming theory. Part II, "Techniques," contains eight chapters that present specific traffic grooming techniques and addresses corresponding fundamental issues. Finally, Part III, "Frontiers," examines topics of emerging importance including multidomain considerations, waveband grooming and switching, and all-optical grooming.

Traffic Grooming for Optical Networks: Foundations, Techniques and Frontiers is a valuable reference for practicing engineers as well as industry and academic researchers.



Preface (pdf)

1. Introduction (pdf)
Rudra Dutta, Ahmed E. Kamal, George N. Rouskas

Part I: Foundations

2. Grooming Switches
Tarek S. El-Bawab

3. Control Plane Support
Slobodanka Tomic

4. Grooming Mechanisms in SONET/SDH and Next Generation SONET/SDH
Rudra Dutta, Ahmed E. Kamal, George N. Rouskas

5. Computational Complexity
Shu Huang

6. Hierarchical Traffic Traffic Grooming
George N. Rouskas, Rudra Dutta

Part II: Techniques

7. Traffic Grooming in SONET/SDH Rings
Raza Ul-Mustafa

8. Traffic Grooming in Next-Generation SONET/SDH Networks
Smita Rai, Biswanath Mukherjee

9. Mathematical Programming Approaches
JianQiang Hu

10. Survivable Traffic Grooming
Arun K. Somani

11. Traffic Grooming Under Scheduled Service
Bin Wang

12. Dynamic Grooming Algorithms
Byrav Ramamurthy

13. Performance Models for Dynamic Traffic Grooming
Chunsheng Xin

14. Multipoint Traffic Grooming
Ahmed E. Kamal, Ahmad N. Khalil

Part III: Frontiers

15. Multi-Domain Traffic Grooming
Nasir Ghani, Qing Liu, Nageswara S. V. Rao, Ashwin Gumaste

16. Grooming of Scheduled Demands in Multi-Layer Optical Networks
Maurice Gagnaire, Josue Kuri, Elias A. Doumith

17. All-Optical Traffic Grooming
Volkan Kaman, Henrik N. Poulsen, Roger J. Helkey, John E. Bowers

Index (pdf)