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FORMER MS Students

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." -- Aristotle


1. Mr. Ajay Babu Amudalabhasker (2006)

TapRoot Systems, Morrisville, NC.

Thesis: Tiered-Service Fair Queueing (TSFQ): A Practical and Efficient Fair Queueing Algorithm (pdf)

2. Dr. Ilia Baldine (1995)

Research Scientist, RENCI, Chapel Hill, NC.

Thesis: Multicast routing With End-to-End Delay and Delay Variation Constraints (pdf)

3. Mr. Nikhil Baradwaj (2005)

Microstrategy, McLean, VA (graduation photo)

Thesis: Traffic Quantization and its Applications to QoS Routing (pdf)

Nikhil received the 2006 Graduate School Nancy G. Pollock MS Thesis award.

4. Mr. Sudhin Bengeri (2001)

OPNET, Bethesda, MD.

Thesis: Differentiated Services Support for the Helios Optical WDM Testbed (pdf)

5. Mr. Brian Haberman (1997)

Applied Physics Lab, Johns Hopkins University

Thesis: Cost, Delay, and Delay Variation Conscious Multicast Routing (pdf)


6. Mr. Vijay Iyer (2002)

Product Manager, Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA (graduation photo)

Thesis: A Simulation Study of Wavelength Assignment and Reservation Policies with Signaling Delays (pdf)


7. Mr. Shrikrishna Khare (2008)

Sun Microsystems, San Jose, CA.

Thesis: Testbed Implementation and Performance Evaluation of the Tiered Service Fair Queueing (TSFQ) Packet Scheduling Discipline (pdf)


8. Mr. Mrugendra Singhai (2002)


Thesis: Helios 2: An All-Optical Broadcast Local Area Network (pdf)


9. Dr. Vijay Sivaraman (1995)

Professor, School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, University of New South Wales, Australia

Thesis: TDM Schedules for Broadcast WDM Networks with Arbitrary Tuning Latencies (pdf)


10. Mr. Jeffrey J. Stuckey (1998)

Manager, Microsoft, Redmond, WA.

Thesis: Worst-Case Cell Delay in an ATM Switch Using EDF Scheduling (pdf)


11. Mr. Dhaval Thaker (2001)

Lucent Technologies, Boston, MA.

Thesis: Multicasting in a Partially Tunable Broadcast WDM Network (pdf)


12. Mr. Manoj Vellala (2008)

Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA.

Thesis: Stack Composition for SILO Architecture (pdf)