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"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." -- Aristotle
23. Dr. Ramesh Krishnamurthy (2016)

Cisco Systems

Dissertation: A Framework for Evaluating Server Performance: Application to SIP Proxy Servers (pdf)


22. Dr. Sahar Talebi (2015)


Dissertation: On routing and Spectrum Assignment in Elastic Optical Networks (pdf)


21. Dr. Ahmet Can Babaoglu (2014)

Research Scientist, Riverbed Technology, San Francisco, CA

Dissertation: Verification Services for the Choice-Based Internet of the Future (pdf)


20. Dr. Hui Wang (2013)

Research Scientist, Quantcast, San Francisco, CA

Dissertation: Efficient Decomposition Techniques for Traffic Grooming Problems in Optical Networks (pdf)


19. Dr. Zeyu Liu (2012)

IBM, Dallas, TX

Dissertation: On Routing and Wavelength Assignment in WDM Networks (pdf)


18. Dr. Mohan Iyer (2010)

Network Engineer, Oracle, San Jose, CA.

Dissertation: Providing Bandwidth on Demand Services Using Optical Network Design and the SILO Network Architecture (pdf)

Mohan received a 2006 Outstanding Teaching Assistant award at NC State. During his Phd studies, he interned for Sun Microsystems (with the Solaris Networking team, Summer 2006), and Cisco Systems (with the Optical Transmission Business Unit, Spring 2007, and the Core Routing Business Unit, Summer 2008).


17. Dr. Qian Lv (2010)

Sierra Wireless, San Diego, CA (graduation photo 1) (graduation photo 2)

Dissertation: Economic Models for Tiered Network Services (pdf)


16. Dr. Anjing Wang (2010)

Network Engineer, Ericsson, San Jose, CA.

Dissertation: The SILO Architecture: Exploring Future Internet Design (pdf)

Anjing received a 2009 Outstanding Teaching Assistant award at NC State. He also served as an at-large officer of the Computer Science Graduate Student Association (CSC GSA) for two years, and was a representative of CSC GSA on the University GSA.


15. Dr. Zyad Dwekat (2009)

Network Engineer, Sprint Network Services (graduation photo)

Dissertation: Practical Fair Queueing Schedulers: Simplification Through Quantization (pdf)


14. Dr. Claris Castillo (2008)

Research Staff Member, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (graduation photo)

Dissertation: On the Design of Efficient Resource Allocation Mechanisms for Grids (pdf)

Claris was named a finalist for the Google 2007 Anita Borg Scholarship for Women in Computer Science. She also received a 2006 Outstanding Teaching Assistant award at NC State. She received the 2008 College of Engineering Nancy G. Pollock PhD Dissertation award, and her dissertation was also selected as the NCSU nominee to the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) Dissertation award. She was a co-op for Cisco Systems during the Fall 2007 semester, a research intern at IBM T.J. Watson Research Center during the summer of 2007, and a research intern for Intel in the summer of 2006.

13. Dr. Li Yang (2006)

Scalable Networks, Los Angeles, CA (graduation photo)

Dissertation: Congestion Control and Quality of Service (QoS) Provisions for Optical Burst Switched Networks (pdf)


12. Dr. Bensong Chen (2005)

Research Scientist, Google, Mountain View, CA.

Dissertation: Hierarchical Traffic Grooming in Large-Scale WDM Networks (pdf)


11. Dr. Jing Teng (2004)

Microsoft, Redmond, WA (graduation photo)

Dissertation: A Study of Optical Burst Switched Networks with the Jumpstart Just-In-Time Signaling Protocol (pdf)


10. Dr. Laura Jackson (2003)

Senior Research Statistician, SAS Institute, Cary, NC.

Dissertation: The Directional p-Median Problem with Applications to Traffic Quantization and Multiprocessor Scheduling (pdf)

Laura was a GAANN fellow (2000-2003), and she received the 2004 College of Engineering Nancy G. Pollock PhD Dissertation award.


9. Dr. Yufeng Xin (2002)

Senior Network Research Engineer, RENCI, Chapel Hill, NC (graduation photo)

Dissertation: Topology Design of Large-Scale Optical Networks (pdf)

8. Dr. Lisong Xu (2002)

Associate Professor, CSE Department, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Dissertation: Performance Analysis of Optical Burst Switched Networks (pdf)

Lisong received a 2007 NSF CAREER award.


7. Dr. Rudra Dutta (2001)

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University.

Dissertation: Virtual Topology Design for Traffic Grooming in Optical WDM Networks (pdf)


6. Dr. A. Halim Zaim (2001)

Vice Rector, Istanbul Ticaret University, Turkey.

Dissertation: Congestion Control and Quality of Service (QoS) Provisions for Optica Burst Switched Networks (pdf)

5. Dr. Yuhong Zhu (1999)

Consultant, RTP, NC.

Dissertation: Computation of Blocking Probabilities in Wavelength Routing Networks (pdf)


4. Dr. Zeydy Ortiz-Laureano (1998)

Manager, IBM, RTP, NC.

Dissertation: Techniques to Support Multicast Traffic in Single-Hop WDM Optical Networks (pdf)

Zeydy was an NSA fellow (1994-1998)


3. Dr. Ilia Baldine (1998)

Manager, Networking Research and Infrastructure , RENCI, Chapel Hill, NC.

Dissertation: Dynamic Reconfiguration in Broadcast WDM Networks (pdf)

2. Dr. M. William (Bill) McKinnon (1997)

Telecommunications Consultant, Atlanta, GA.

Dissertation: Performance Analysis of a Class of Photonic Interconnection Architectures (pdf)


1. Dr. Supriya Sharma (1997)

Research Scientist, Alcatel, Plano, TX.

Dissertation: Optimal Buffer Management for Shared Buffer ATM Switches