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Dr. George N. Rouskas

Director of Graduate Programs
Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor
IEEE Fellow

Dr. George N. Rouskas

Director of Graduate Programs
Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor
IEEE Fellow


The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.
Plato, in The Republic

Visiting Scholars

  1. Dr. Kamal Jambi, 2018-2019
    King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
    Topic: Machine Learning Applications to Network Data Plane
  2. Dr. Yu Xiong, 2016-2017
    Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
    Topic: Optical Inter-Datacenter Networks
  3. Dr. Omar Batarfi, 2015-2016
    King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
    Topic: Visible Light Communication
  4. Dr. Evripidis Bampis, 2005-2006
    Paris VI University, France
    Topic: Packet Scheduling

Post Doctoral Researchers

  1. Emre Yetginer, 2008-2009
    Topic: Power Efficient Traffic Grooming
  2. Halim Zaim, 2001-2002
    Topic: Implementation of Signaling Protocols for Optical Burst-Switched Networks
  3. Shridhar Ramesh, 1999-2000
    Topic: Performance Analysis of Wavelength Routed Networks


  1. Lingnan Gao, 2019
    Dissertation: Resource Allocation in Virtual Network Environments (pdf)
  2. Shireesh Bhat, 2017
    Dissertation: Network Service Orchestration within the ChoiceNet Architecture (pdf)
  3. Ramesh Krishnamurthy, 2016
    Dissertation: A Framework for Evaluating Server Performance: Application to SIP Proxy Servers (pdf)
  4. Sahar Talebi, 2015
    Dissertation: On Routing and Spectrum Assignment in Elastic Optical Networks (pdf)
  5. Ahmet Can Babaoglu, 2014
    Dissertation: Verification Services for the Choice-Based Internet of the Future (pdf)
  6. Hui Wang, 2013
    Dissertation: Efficient Decomposition Techniques for Traffic Grooming Problems in Optical Networks (pdf)
  7. Zeyu Liu, 2012
    Dissertation: On Routing and Wavelength Assignment in WDM Networks (pdf)
  8. Mohan Iyer, 2010
    Dissertation: Providing Bandwidth on Demand Services Using Optical Network Design and the SILO Network Architecture (pdf)
  9. Qian Lv, 2010
    Dissertation: Economic Models for Tiered Network Services (pdf)
  10. Anjing Wang, 2010
    Dissertation: The SILO Architecture: Exploring Future Internet Design (pdf)
  11. Zyad Dwekat, 2009
    Dissertation: Practical Fair Queueing Schedulers: Simplification Through Quantization (pdf)
  12. Claris Castillo, 2008
    Dissertation: On the Design of Efficient Resource Allocation Mechanisms for Grids (pdf)
  13. Li Yang, 2006
    Dissertation: Congestion Control and Quality of Service (QoS) Provisions for Optical Burst Switched Networks (pdf)
  14. Bensong Chen, 2005
    Dissertation: Hierarchical Traffic Grooming in Large-Scale WDM Networks (pdf)
  15. Jing Teng, 2004
    Dissertation: A Study of Optical Burst Switched Networks with the Jumpstart Just-In-Time Signaling Protocol (pdf)
  16. Laura Jackson, 2003
    Dissertation: The Directional p-Median Problem with Applications to Traffic Quantization and Multiprocessor Scheduling (pdf)
  17. Yufeng Xin, 2002
    Dissertation: Topology Design of Large-Scale Optical Networks (pdf)
  18. Lisong Xu, 2002
    Dissertation: Performance Analysis of Optical Burst Switched Networks (pdf)
  19. Rudra Dutta, 2001
    Dissertation: Virtual Topology Design for Traffic Grooming in Optical WDM Networks (pdf)
  20. Halim Zaim, 2001
    Dissertation: Computing Call Blocking Probabilities in LEO Satellite Networks (pdf)
  21. Yuhong Zhu, 1999
    Dissertation: Computing Call Blocking Probabilities in Wavelength Routing Networks (pdf)
  22. Zeydu Ortiz-Laureano, 1998
    Dissertation: Techniques to Support Multicast Traffic in Single-Hop WDM Optical Networks (pdf)
  23. Ilia Baldine, 1998
    Dissertation: Dynamic Reconfiguration in WDM Networks (pdf)
  24. Bil McKinnon, 1997
    Dissertation: Performance Analysis of a Class of Photonic Interconnection Architectures (pdf)
  25. Supriya Sharma, 1997
    Dissertation: Optimal Buffer Management for Shared Buffer ATM Switches

Visiting PhD Students

  1. Fengxian Tang, 2019-2020
    Soochow University, China
    Topic: Elastic Optical Networks
  2. Wenzhe Li, 2017-2018
    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
    Topic: Optical Network on a Chip
  3. Xiaomin Liu, 2011-2012
    Beihang University, China
    Topic: Ethernet Passive Optical Networks
  4. Chang Cao, 2010-2011
    Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
    Topic: p-Cycle Protection in MPLS Networks
  5. Arun Vishwanath, 2007-2008
    University of News South Wales, Australia
    Topic: Buffer Sizing in High-Speed Routers


  1. Shrikrishna Khare, 2008
    Thesis: Testbed Implementation and Performance Evaluation of the Tiered Service Fair Queueing (TSFQ) Packet Scheduling Discipline (pdf)
  2. Manoj Vellala, 2008
    Thesis: Stack Composition for SILO Architecture (pdf)
  3. Ajay Babu Amudalabhasker, 2006
    Thesis: Tiered-Service Fair Queueing (TSFQ): A Practical and Efficient Fair Queueing Algorithm (pdf)
  4. Nikhil Baradwaj, 2005
    Thesis: Traffic Quantization and its Applications to QoS Routing (pdf)
  5. Vijay Iyer, 2002
    Thesis: A Simulation Study of Wavelength Assignment and Reservation Policies with Signaling Delays (pdf)
  6. Mrugendra Singhai, 2002
    Thesis: Helios 2: An All-Optical Broadcast Local Area Network (pdf)
  7. Dhaval Thaker, 2001
    Thesis: Multicasting in a Partially Tunable Broadcast WDM Network (pdf)
  8. Sudhin Bengeri, 2001
    Thesis: Differentiated Services Support for the Helios Optical WDM Testbed (pdf)
  9. Jeffrey Stuckey, 1998
    Thesis: Worst-Case Cell Delay in an ATM Switch Using EDF Scheduling (pdf)
  10. Brian Haberman, 1997
    Thesis: Cost, Delay, and Delay Variation Conscious Multicast Routing (pdf)
  11. Vijay Sivaraman, 1995
    Thesis: TDM Schedules for Broadcast WDM Networks with Arbitrary Tuning Latencies (pdf)
  12. Ilia Baldine, 1995
    Thesis: Multicast routing With End-to-End Delay and Delay Variation Constraints (pdf)